Referral Website

Features Overview


Referral Campaigns

  • Encourage customers to share by offering them rewards
  • One click for customers to share on facebook, twitter, email or by unique url


  • Provide offers to the referrer, coupons to the referred customer or both to maximize effectiveness.
  • Set minimum purchase amounts, expiry dates and other details of your campaign.
  • Offer campaigns for individual items in your store, for all items on your site or for recurring (or subscription) payments.
  • Run multiple campaigns at once.


  • Provide default images and text for your customer's posts and emails.
  • Encourage your customers to communicate the message you want their friends to hear.


  • Customize the look and feel of your offer to match your site.
  • Choose where on the page your offer will display or if it will show as a popup.

Performance Analysis

  • See exactly how much new sales you are generating, how much referred customers are spending and how cost effective your campaigns are.

Advocate Analysis

  • Our analytics provide a detailed view of which customers are referring you the most, so you can contact them or give them additional offers.

A/B testing

  • Compare the performance of multiple campaigns against each other.
  • Test a variety of strategies at once to see which performs best.
  • Optimize your campaign to maximize your return.

Measure Return on Investment

  • You only pay rewards when a customer makes a referral.
  • No money wasted on paying-per-clicks or paying-per-impressions.
  • Detailed tracking of exactly what percentage of customers are referred and exactly how much they spend.


  • As more customers refer others, your customer base grows and as they refer others it grows even further... and the virtuous cycle continues.

Building Loyal Advocates

  • Each marketing dollar goes back into your customers pockets, leading to happier and more loyal, customers


  • The most critical component of a referral campaign is a refund policy, and we manage it for you.
  • If a customer returns or cancels an order within your return policy period, you get that reward payment back.

Ease of use

  • Integrating is as simple as pasting some javascript on your page.
  • Integrate once and manage everything from your dashboard.
  • Out-of-the-box integration for most major eCommerce platforms.
  • It's as seamless as adding google adsense.

Hassle Free

  • No contracts, no obligations, no commitments.
  • Cancel your campaign any time.
  • We manage your rewards payments and refunds so you dont have to.

Data Portability

  • We allow you to export all of your data if you ever want to leave us.
  • You can even export the analytics we have calculated for you.

Speed and Security

  • 256-bit SSL encryption. We manage the rewards payments to your customers so you don't have to.
  • Our JavaScript loads asynchronously so you never have to worry about it impacting your page load time.
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